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The platform of Great Stuffs Online!

Unlike other platforms whose primary purpose is to profit from sales of products, Great Stuffs Online started with the intention of sharing great stuff they came across online. As time goes by, Great Stuffs Online begins to transform from a crossed hybrid of blogging and platform to focus more on health supplements and essential oils, sharing what it has experienced personally through consuming and using different products.

At Great Stuffs Online, product brand and price are not the most important; what is most important are the production processing, the source from which the company obtains its ingredients and the research and development involved. In these aspects, due diligence is done for all those who make purchases from Great Stuffs Online can be assured.

Sooner or later, Great Stuffs Online will eventually stumble upon a company that will meet what it seeks, and that's why doTERRA has become one of Great Stuffs Online's main lines simply because of the same ideology in business and the well-being of others.

Having said that, why do we need supplements to begin with? The depletion of the soil condition around the world due to over-agriculture. Whatever our diet regime, we must consume much more than we think to prevent deficiency in vitamins and minerals.

Does that mean that doTERRA is the only best company? Certainly not, but it is the most comprehensive; if you are reluctant to do more research on your family's wellness and well-being, then doTERRA is one option you can rest assured of its products' quality.

However, if you know health supplements, the platform iHerb would be a place to search out what is most suitable for your family and yourself. At Great Stuffs Online, we will make recommendations to you once we have tried the product ourselves and seen its effectiveness. However, we will not recommend it simply because there's a promotion or sales of that product, but if what we recommend happens to be on sale that month, that will be a double bonus for you and your family. It is to be noted that some excellent products tend to be out of stock quite often, but don't worry; once it is available again, you will be notified.

So far, we have only focused on Western healthcare in wellness for our well-being. Now, let's move to Eastern healthcare in health for our well-being.

Perhaps not many have heard of Sinopharm before COVID-19; after this pandemic, those who reject mRNA would have used either China's Sino-vac or the later Sinopharm vaccine. As a result, Great Stuffs Online's 3rd line of products is from Sino-MHC.

Some may wonder: Is Great Stuffs Online a multi-level (MLM) platform? It seems that most of the products are from such companies. On the contrary, Great Stuffs Online has no intention or in any way promotes or encourages anyone to join these companies; Great Stuffs Online serves as a platform to present great stuff worth buying. If you love these products but don't want any hassles or conditions in an MLM, then this platform is for you.

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