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Acupuncture Without The Sting!

Updated: Jul 27, 2023

You Know Acupuncture Is Helpful But Afraid Of Needles? Pain Relief At A Whole New Level!

What it is?

What it does is that if your body is well conditioned, the nanopad has a translucent color, but if your body is not well conditioned (as in qi blockage, etc.) it remains the same color or slightly lighter color.

But what does it do? Well, a few science lessons here.

Is the science confusing you? If you understand a little about quantum physic regarding vibration and resonation you would have understood it. Basically, it is about molecules' vibration that causes heat to resonate. Like microwaves that heat up your food, the difference is that there are no microwaves involved here. Instead, energy from the environment is being absorbed into the nanopad and it is this energy that causes your body's molecules to vibrate causing heat and healing properties.

Therefore, no longer do you need to use all the traditional medicated methods like below.

More than this.

It has detoxification properties as well.

It has to be noted that different areas of the body will heat up differently too because of the above conditions. Writing from experience here.

So depending on your own body condition, you will have different experiences. But I can surely say that it works and relieve pain quickly and it doesn't come back unless strained again. Like long hours on my computer.

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