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What's this site about?

This is me.
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Hi, thanks for coming to my site. Just that you may know a little more about me, please allow me to introduce myself. 

I've been an entrepreneur for more than 28 years now, constantly looking for new business ventures. I really enjoy setting up companies, face new challenges, overcoming them and so forth. Of course, not everything is successful, I had my fair shares of ups and downs failure and success but what is most important is that each experience I had in the companies created is the very essence of one's life journey, good or bad, never stop learning and improving oneself.

My kids




Are you tired of bias reviews? Tired of reviews that say so much before getting to the point? Or not sure if the review is true and you have to go do all the research to find out?


I'm here to review the merchandise to the best of my knowledge and with information from a reliable resource to help you decide if a product is worth buying. I'm not here to persuade you to buy but to present to you great stuff and you decide for yourself if you need it or want it. And I do that with all the knowledge I've in areas of health, technology, and family matter, and since I'm a father of 2 great kids, I will recommend some kids stuff as well.

My site here is very simple.

In Reviews, all due diligence is done for you so that you can decide for yourself if it is really great stuff that you want for yourself.

The Great Stuff page is where great kinds of stuff that I've selected in the reviews for you to purchase. Skipping all the details on the Reviews page. It is this simple to use. 

Shop items are similar to the great stuff page but make it easier for smartphone users and those who have shipping problems to contact us for help.

All great stuff, reviews and shop pages have a direct link to the vendor including shipping details and refund policies. 

You are welcome to contact me should you have some other requests or any further information you need in the Contact segment. If any merchandise is only available in a certain country you may also contact me too.


Simply put, here is where I consolidate great stuff from many different vendor platforms presenting them to you. 

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